This E-Learning System has been designed for educational institutions. A single system is being shared between multiple Universities. 

Each University has its own University administrator and a separate line of Courses for each Department or School under it . Also each Department is further branched into Semesters. 

 A university Administrator can view all the enrolled students and teachers under his university. He/She can view any reports under his University. He can also assign teachers or another University admin under his University.

Students can register on this site by e-mail based registration (confirmed by main site admin) process after filling a profile form and mentioning their University, Department and Semester in it. Once approved by the site admin, Student will be automatically enrolled to all the courses under his University-->Department-->Semester. 

Similarly, a Teacher registers by selecting an option  "Teacher" under profile form and filling rest of the details. Once approved he would be assigned as a teacher for a course/courses under the specified university. A teacher can only edit the course for which he/she is assigned this role.

Test Login Credentials:

Student (Amity University-->Economics-->Semester 1) : 

Username: austudent_eco1_1

Password: Welcome@123

Student ( Jain University --> Electronincs and Communication--> Semester 2):

Username: justudent_ece2_01

Password: Welcome@123

Teacher (Amity University-->Economics-->Semester 1):

Username: auteacher_eco1_1

Password: Welcome@123

For University Admin or Super Admin login, Contact : 

DisclaimerAll the data/courses provided in this website is for demo purpose.